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Lilly Singh will knock down the doors with her TV show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh

By Geetika Raleh . 18th September 2019 02:00pm
Lilly Singh will knock down the doors with her TV show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh, the YouTube sensation and the newcomer in the world of television, introduces herself as “I just want to be myself”. No wonder she has such a massive fan base all around the world. With her massive fan following, she has now started her own TV show named ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’.

Singh started her career on YouTube where she released videos under her channel, iiSuperwomanii and has always been her true self. Her first video was titled 'Punjabi Mothers' and people showered immense love from all around the globe. Thereafter, things changed for the YouTuber to a great extent.

Lilly dropped her stage name, brought a lot of change to her content and despite all these major changes, she still had the same vibe around her. She has always mentioned that she loves being unapologetically herself. As she should be, she is proud to call herself brown, bold and extremely desi.

Born and brought up in Canada, she has been the flag bearer of brown women. The biggest YouTube sensation, she is the only online personality who made it to the mainstream media.

Being open and frank about topics like racism and discrimination, she has always been appreciated for her voice and thoughts.

Extremely thrilled for her first-ever talk show, she first shot a rap video, and need we say how powerful the words of the same were? “I ain’t no white man, my skin got some colour and it ain’t a spray tan... I’m going to throw some melanin in your late-night... THIS USED TO BE A BOYS CLUB, BUT I’M KNOCKING DOWN THE DOORS..

In the show, Lilly will be breaking through all the stereotypes which include uncomfortable workplace for women and breastfeeding rooms. The staff working for the show includes people from different races and is more women eccentric. She concludes by saying, “It’s not because I had to, it’s because I could.”

Singh bid goodbye to the audience in the first episode being a total savage queen. She said, “This is the new standard, so take notes Hollywood.”

The Lilly Singh stans were even more happy and excited for her show. Through their tweets, they expressed that this was the kind of show they were waiting, a show which represented brown and gender equality.

Moreover, the fans have also expressed that it was not about seeing the same faces, but seeing a brown woman on TV, being a total badass and not accommodating just the white audience.

What acted as a cherry on top was that Mindy Kaling was the first guest on the show. These two have been the flag bearers for the indiscrimination against brown woman and gender equality and it was 'karma-like' that these two were there together for something new and adventurous.