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Love Aaj Kal Review: Imtiaz Ali fails to impress the masses this time with same concept

By Geetika Raleh . 15th February 2020 01:05pm
Love Aaj Kal Review: Imtiaz Ali fails to impress the masses this time with same concept

Love Aaj Kal
Director: Imtiaz Ali
Actors: Kartik Aryan, Sara Ali Khan, Aarushi Sharma, Randeep Hooda
Ratings: 3/5

The first thought that comes to your mind is why Imtiaz Ali decided on remaking his decade-old blockbuster, only with modern messed up, frivolous and uncertain characters. Or was it just because of what Sara said on Koffee With Karan. Whatever the reason was, Imtiaz Ali has once again invited the masses to the world of imperfect relations, people, tangled situations which fails while getting it all together.

An awkward Veer (Kartik) meets career-oriented and high on life and booze, Zoe and they end up together in the same bed. But Veer leaves her high and dry in the middle because he feels that they should be more serious about it. He then becomes a stalker and lands the same place where Zoe works owned by Raghu, played by Randeep Hooda. Raghu is a hermit who left everything in Udaipur to be with his lady love, Leena, played by newbie Aarushi Sharma. However, he later becomes a Casanova and hooks up with every woman he meets in Delhi.

Where Zoe has her plans for five years intact, Veer is a software designer searching for a job. He picks and drops Zoe for her meetings and dates every time Uber fails to find the exact location. At last, Zoe falls for him.

A mix up of complicated romance and a great cinema only leaves the masses confused and helpless. While Zoe and Veer are at their best who try their best to engage the audience in their love story, the dreary narrative and screenplay ruined it somehow.

Like the original film, Love Aaj Kal 2019 narrates the story of two-time lines which only confuses the audience due to poor editing. Randeep Hooda’s flashbacks are often interrupted with modern day’s story.

Kartik is more intriguing as a young man from a small town of Udaipur with his obsession for a girl. As Veer, he could not portray the connection. As an actor, he has matured from Punchanama and other films he did before Love Aaj Kal.  

Sara is over the top during certain scenes, she plays Zoe flawlessly. Her onscreen presence is great and her wardrobe is something to envy.

Newcomer Aarushi is simple and makes her presence felt onscreen with her expressions despite having fewer dialogues. Randeep looks dapper with the handlebar mustache and probably is the only best thing to see in the entire film. His character has the curiosity factor which makes the masses want to look out for him.

Imtiaz Ali as a director got carried again once again trying to make something that he has already made and succeeded at. Showing an indecisive girl who can’t balance her love life and work life is something that is not the case in 2020. Women are multi-taskers these days and excel at it. Guess it’s time for Imtiaz to refresh his ideas and bring out the perception of his layered characters for the masses to understand the film better. 'Love Aaj Kal'have to be more relatable and real and Love Aaj Kal somewhere lacks that element.

Just because it is a modern-day love story makes it a film for the Millenials. 

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