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Low on energy? Try out these food items instead of having coffee

By Geetika Raleh . 23rd September 2019 09:00am
Low on energy? Try out these food items instead of having coffee

Next time when you feel low on energy, instead of going for the regular coffee, pick up one of the below mentioned healthy food as an alternative to get healthy and boost those energy levels.


This is the best and the simplest way to increase energy. Low-calorie drinks, definitely not the energy booster which we get after eating something. But drinking lemon water changes normal water into a natural energy drink which has electrolytes, important for the cells to produce energy. Basically, hydration is the key to change the mood.


The natural sugar content in the fruits makes them one of the many boosters for energy. Eating fresh fruits also helps in steadying the sugar level, because of the fibre present in it. Fruits which can be peeled like bananas or apples are superb choices which you can carry along with yourself to work.


Cashewnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are a rich source of magnesium, the compound which plays a major role in changing sugar to energy. Nuts are also filled with fibre for keeping the sugar level in the blood normal. The high-fat content makes one feel satisfied. Always have a bag of mixed nuts with you, so you can snack these whenever you feel low on energy.


Gnawing a piece of dark chocolate after lunch in the form of a dessert might taste good, and is also be good for you. Dark chocolate has calories and theobromine, which is a natural stimulant. This stimulant is same as coffee which instantly uplifts the mood and the energy of the person.


This is a green vegetable which is high in Vitamin B and gives healthy energy after converting carbs (food) into glucose (fuel). It has fibre which maintains the blood sugar level. You can consume asparagus by adding it to your salad for lunch.


Raw sauerkraut is not just good for bratwurst but also helps in providing sufficient energy to get through the day. This fermented cabbage is rich in probiotics, making the process of digesting food efficient. And because the body has to work less, energy is saved.


Brown rice is the favourite energy boosting food as it is a great source of manganese, which helps the body make energy from the proteins and the carbs. Eating brown rice keeps one motivated throughout the day.


Spinach has loads of iron, the most important mineral to balance the energy levels. When the iron level is less, the RBCs don’t make an adequate substance which transports the energy to the muscles, organs and other tissues.