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By Gurpreet Kaur . 16th June 2018 03:30pm

In all the metropolitan cities, and these days even in non-metropolitan cities traffic has become a huge problem. People are stuck in the traffic for long durations which eventually makes them frustrating, ruining their entire day. But has anyone thought of an alternative option to tackle with this problem which is increasing day after day? Well, one software engineer in Bengaluru definitely has an alternative solution to this ever growing problem. It was his last day at his office, and he rode a horse to his office as a sign of protest against the increasing traffic. [caption id="attachment_39678" align="alignnone" width="800"]64604740.cms Source[/caption] Roopesh Kumar, who is originally from Rajasthan, has become an internet sensation over night after pictures and videos of him were all over the social networking sites. Though on a horse, he was in complete formals, with his laptop bag hung over his shoulders and a placard that read: Last working day as a software engineer. Talking to one of the leading news agencies he said that he comes from a middle class family, and never expected anything like this to happen to him. He also added that the attention he is receiving is difficult for him to digest.

“I have been staying in Bengaluru for the past eight years and I am fed up with the bottlenecks and air pollution. Bengaluru is overcrowded and too many vehicles on the road lead to traffic jams every day. In fact, I learnt horse riding because of the traffic headache.”
[caption id="attachment_39679" align="alignnone" width="700"]horse-5 Source[/caption] When he was asked the reasons of him leaving his job, he said “I have concerns for my country. Most of the techies are working for MNCs, making them rich. Instead of that, like-minded software engineers should gather and start their own venture.” H also added,
“The situation of software engineers in today’s competitive world is disastrous. Those who ride auto-rickshaws and trucks have their own union to raise their voice but software engineers have no unions or organisation. The big companies never care for their employees. We always work under immense pressure.”
Well, not everyone knows how to ride a horse. But there are definitely some other alternatives when it comes to saving the time and energy which are stuck in traffic for long working hours.