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Makeup Photo of Ranu Mondal is fake & here is the evidence!

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 22nd November 2019 06:02pm
Makeup Photo of Ranu Mondal is fake & here is the evidence!

Ranu Mondal is an upcoming viral singing sensation in India who got her talent looked by Himesh Reshammiya and sung for his movie 'Happy Hardy and Heer'.

Almost a week ago, the singer did a makeover of which the photos went viral over social media and netizens started trolling her as per the usual norm these days. 

In one of the memes, it showed a photoshopped face of the singer on a fairness cream advertisement as in the fake viral photo the singer looked several shades fairer.

But yesterday, (November 21, 2019) Ranu Mondal's makeup artist Sandhya revealed the truth by posting a photo of the singer on social media which shows the difference between the real makeup photo and fake photo which went viral. She also shared the video which was shot while Ranu was getting ready for the event. 

Since the trolling started, a lot of dark memes started circing on social media outlets some of them were quite rude. Seeing this, some Bollywood celebrities jumped in to defend her. 

Ranu Mondal has always been a talk of the town for her controversies. She also came in the headlines when she misbehaved with her fan who insisted for her selfie.

If the photo is true, that should turn off the trolling and finally the singer, Ranu Mondal can live her life the way she pleases.