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By Gurpreet Kaur . 16th June 2018 11:10pm

Come summers and we just can’t wait to taste mangoes. Mangoes are for sure the best part of the season. But there are many people who think that there are health issues related to mangoes. Many people are also doubtful regarding the fact that mangoes are diabetic. [caption id="attachment_39716" align="alignnone" width="458"]mangoes-1 Source[/caption] But don’t worry. Here we have some tips which would clear all your doubts about mangoes. The experts say that everyone can enjoy the taste of sweet mangoes, till the time the season is not over. We also provide you with the time of eating the king of fruits, number of mangoes that you can consume in a day and many other such important points.

Best time for eating mangoes

Experts say that mangoes are adaptable and one can have them for lunch, mid-day meal, lunch and even as a meal. It is total dependent on people who love having mangoes. So all the people who want to lose weight or the diabetic ones, please eat mangoes as and when you wish to.

Number of mangoes one can consume in a day

It again relies on how many you can digest easily. You can have as many mangoes as you want, but eat them with love and savor the taste. Why not keep your mobile phones away from you and watching your favorite movies while having them? This would only increase the fun of eating mangoes.

Number of calories and sugar in the ‘king of all fruits’

The diet conscious people in today’s times are all up for eating calories present in biscuits but not present in fruits which come from the farm.  Calories in mango are in its most pure form than in sugar in any other form. Moreover, eating mangoes not only gives you calories but also provides you with other important nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B and other nutrients which are essential for the body. Having mangoes also helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. [caption id="attachment_39718" align="alignnone" width="600"]fresh-mango Source[/caption]

Can a diabetic person have mangoes?

Experts are very positive about diabetic people having mangoes. Even the famous diabetic societies around the world suggest the diabetic patients eat mangoes and all other natural fruits. In few countries like Cube, mangoes are used for making antidiabetic drugs. Diabetic people should enjoy the mango as others do. Mango is not harmful in any way to anyone. It also helps in minimizing the insulin resistance and enhances the sensitivity of the insulin.  

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