manmeet alisher sharma

Manmeet Alisher’s case final hearing in the Australian court was on the 9th and 10th August. The court announced the accused, Anthony O’Donohue, to be under high security mental facility for at least 10 years. Even the judge considered the accused as a dangerous and very ill man.

One of the sources close to Manmeet said, “Manmeet was a great guy. He was a man with dreams, he had ambitions and we lost everything. Who is responsible for this murder? If he (Anthony O’Donohue) was a mentally sick person, then why was he in the society?”

The doctors who had examined Anthony said “To use a common term, he was mad, he was insane.”

In his defense, the accused said that he thought there was a consipracy that he was under survelliance and that Brisbane City Council and the bus drivers were involved in it. His dellusions reached a zenith and he wanted to stop it. He also said, “I saw the bus driver’s facial expressions and the way he looked at me. If that was different maybe the whole thing wouldn’t have happened.” Anthony was sorry for the loss of the Manmeet’s family byt he did not regret his act or thought that anything he did was wrong.

The court also said that none of the proofs pointed to the fact that the act was racial inspired.

But Alisher’s family members who had flown to Australia in seek of justice were not happy with the verdict that was announced. Even the bus drivers association and his close friends in Australia did not feel thta Manmeet was done justice by this punishment announced upon the accused.

Manmeet was a man with dreams bigger than life, always had a warm and pleasing smile on his face. He had gone to Australia to fulfil his dream and considered Autralia and Bisbane as paradise and succumbed to death within 90 seconds when an incendiary device was thrown at him.


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