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Meet ‘Vyom Mitra’, woman humanoid that ISRO will send to space.

By Aditya Sharma . 23rd January 2020 12:48pm
Meet ‘Vyom Mitra’, woman humanoid that ISRO will send to space.

The half-humanoid will reenact human capacities before genuine astronauts take off.

VYOM MITRA is the first woman human robot that ISRO will send to space before finally sending humans in 2021. She is half humanoid. Her body stops at the torso and she has no legs. If we talk about her functions, she can mimic the activities of astronauts, respond to them and even answer their queries.

According to the sources, ISRO will undertake two unmanned missions in December 2020 and June 2021. These missions will take place ahead of India's maiden human flight to space “Gaganyaan” in December 2021. Gaganyaan is India’s first manned space mission which aims at sending astronauts to the lower orbit of the earth. The spacecraft will have a capsule with a sufficient inventory of oxygen and other essential materials for the astronauts.

Four Indian Air Force pilots have already been shortlisted for the Gaganyaan mission and they will receive training in Russia and India. The robot was unveiled at the inaugural session of the "Human Spaceflight and Exploration - Present Challenges and Future Trends" seminar.