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Monalisa: 'I Don't But My Mother Minds It When People Address Me As Daayan'

By Navjot Bains . 15th May 2020 03:00pm
Monalisa: 'I Don't But My Mother Minds It When People Address Me As Daayan'

Here's Monalisa's  interview where the actress talks about her show, Nazar 2 going off air, how her mother deals with people addressing her as Daayan, and her return to the Bhojpuri industry


Nazar 2 going off-air came as a shock to many. We spoke to the leading lady, whose character of Daayan got immensly popular and made the show rule the TRP charts. Yes, we are talking about Monalisa who had so much to share about her attachment towards the show and more. Read on:



How much are you going to miss the show?


I get into tears everytime I think that I won't be able to play Mohini anymore. It was my first fiction show afterall and I received so much of love and recognition, which was unbelievable at times. I can't even imagine not going on the sets, doing makeup and facing the camera.


Were you expecting this in the current scenario?


I had an idea that many shows will suffer as shoots had come to a halt and the industry was incurring losses but I didn't know our show will also get hit. We were doing good in terms of TRPs and it had been just a month that Season 2 had started.



Can you recall your first day on the set?


It's very much fresh in my mind. It was May 18, 2018 and we were doing an outdoor shoot at Hathi Gate, Film city where villagers were burning me as that's how the storyline rolled. I was very nervous, awkward, and stressed. Even after doing so much of work I was feeling that I am a newcomer as all people around me were experienced TV actors. And I was feeling kya pata ye mujhse baat bhi karenge ya nahi. I was also stressed for my scene as it was a big one with lot of dialogues and change overs where I am getting old and young. So, I continuously read the script in my vanity, so that I don't fumble. But with God's grace, I did the scene in one take which surprised my director and everyone on the set, clapped for me.


You had always planned to be a part of TV or it happened by luck?


I was trying for daily soaps for the longest time but never got the opportunity as I was always involved in regional work like Bhojouri films. In fact, after doing Bigg Boss 10, I was offered TV show, titled Chidiyaghar and I was all set to enter it too but unfortunately it went off air within a month. And before I could start shooting, they told me the show is only for a month and that they will have to cancel my entry. That made me so upset and depressed. I started having doubts if my dream of doing a Hindi show will ever get fulfilled but after a year I got this character which was initially supposed to be for a very small period. But looking at the response, the makers made me a part of it forever.



Who do you miss the most from Team Nazar?


I have a strong bond with Niyati. The dance videos we used to make I will remember that always. Also Harsh Rajput who never failed to scare me whenever he entered my makeup room. When they were leaving I was emotionally broken. But we are in touch and will always be. Also Ritu Chaudhary ma'am is extremely close to me. Her room was opposite mine and whenever she entered, she used to kiss me on my cheeks. All these memories will stay with me forever.


Actresses often feel bad when they are addressed as Daayan or Naagin in real life. Do you feel the same?


Not at all! I feel very good when people call me Daayan. After all that shows how popular my character is. Like my husband Vikrant tells me Daayan Ji aa gayi aap when I enter home and I laugh. This character has given me everything. But yes, my mother minds it when people address me as Dayan.



Why so?


So, she is in Calcutta and this show is watched by many over there. While discussing the episodes, there have been times when my mother's friend only told her in flow pata nahi ye daayan kab maregi sabko khaa rahi hai. Like in Bengali they say,  "Daayni kabe morbe". And it used to pinch my mother after all I am her daughter and she loves me. So, I used to explain her they are not telling this to me but my character. You should feel good how people are following your daughter's show (laughs).


Will you continue with your Bhojpuri films?


It's been 4 and half years I haven't done any Bhojpuri project. I entered Bigg Boss 10 and since then I am concentrating on Hindi projects only. But Bhojpuri industry is very close to my heart. After all because of that I got so famous that Bigg Boss was offered to me. So, if anything intersting comes my way, I will definitely do it but yes now when I have established my name in the world of Television, I would like to work more here.