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Morning skin care routines that you must follow | Gabruu

By Ritika Nath . 13th September 2019 10:00am
Morning skin care routines that you must follow | Gabruu

We all wish to start our day with ease. And this is wished by our skin too. Wondering what exactly are we talking about? Well, here we are going to talk about how to start your skin’s day with gentle care because we work for the whole day and by the end of it, your skin tends to get tired.

So, in order to kick start your day with glowing skin, we have listed down some daily skin care routines that you can start with right away.

Normal Skin

Start with a cleanser as soon as you wake up. Then go for hydrating your skin with a mild moisturizer or essential oil. After that, you may apply your casual make-up.

Oily Skin

After cleansing your face with cleansing foam, pat dry it and use a toner to close the open pores of your skin. Hydrate it with a light lotion and ensure that your skin doesn’t become too oily before applying the makeup.


If it feels oily, you can dab a light layer of translucent powder.

Dry Skin

After rinsing your face with warm water to open the pores, hydrate it with a heavy moisturizer. You can apply your regular makeup and complete it with a spritz of some rose water. Also, carry a small quantity of this to keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Combination of Dry and Oily skin

For you guys, it is necessary to use a mild foaming cleanser to gently wake up your skin. After which a mild toner can be used to compliment your skin tone. Keep it hydrated by not using moisturizer but a serum for both the skin types.

An advice to all skin types:

One ingredient every person must use irrespective of their skin type is sunscreen which needs to be applied no matter what the weather or climate is. Not applying sunscreen can do more harm than good to the skin. 

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