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Nagpur City Police has got swag and they just proved it with this tweet

By Geetika Raleh . 10th September 2019 12:02pm
Nagpur City Police has got swag and they just proved it with this tweet

In recent times, many local administrative bodies have taken to digital platforms to show wickedness on their part. Be it Mumbai Police, who tends to tweet on several issues including citizen safety, traffic snarling, etc. to Jharkhand police tweeting after a successful drug bust and teasing the culprits who managed to run away.

However, Nagpur City Police went up a notch on the ‘cool’ meter with their savage tweet about the Vikram Lander.

Here’s the tweet:

People are lauding the wickedness of Nagpur Police’s tweet. The mood has been somber’ in the country since the Chandrayan2 lost contact with Vikram Lander just 2 km above the Moon surface. Since then, Indian Space Research Organization has managed to locate the Lander and is trying to establish contact but the chance of it happening are highly unlikely.

However, the cheekiness of this tweet is even higher because of the recently implemented traffic challan rates across the nation, which has gone up massively. Memes are circulating across social media platforms in regards to the challans being issued by the traffic police across India, some which have been as high as Rs. 23,000, for multiple violations.

Coming from Police, this tweet has helped in eliminating the sadness surrounding the Vikram Lander and made everyone take notice of what ISRO has managed to achieve in such a limited budget. Twitter, along with other social media platforms, has been erupting with congratulatory messages. Not just India, the whole world has taken notice of what India and its space research organization is doing. And it is no mean feat to do what they have done till now. Even the leaders in space research and exploration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA tweeted to give their best to their Indian counterparts and co-explorers.

Here the tweet from NASA: