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Neha Bhasin joins Sona Mohapatra in fight against Anu Malik | Gabruu

By Ritika Nath . 31st October 2019 05:00pm
Neha Bhasin joins Sona Mohapatra in fight against Anu Malik | Gabruu

In 2018, the whole world was in a frenzy when the #MeToo movement get caught up with India and specifically with Bollywood. Many celebrities were involved in this and many got a chance to voice their concern. Many victims found a platform to raise their voice and Sona Mohapatra was one of them. 

A year later, her fight is still going on but she has support from more celebrities now including her industry mate & singer, Neha Bhasin. She has come to the aid of Sona who is fighting an uphill battle against Anu Malik whom numerous women called out for his demeaning and harassing behaviour.

Neha Bhasin took to Twitter to talk about her experience. Check it out here:

"I agree with you. We do live in a very sexist world. Anu Malik is a predetor, i too have run away from his strange moves when i was 21. I didn't let myself get into a sticky situation beyond him lying on a sofa in front of me talking about my eyes in a studio. I fleed lying https://t.co/tQgStLrYyT

Last year during #MeToo movement, Anu Malik was accused of harassment which was brought up to the public eye by Sona Mohapatra when she shared her experience. The #MeToo movement allegations against Anu Malik led him to step down as a judge on the popular show, Indian Idol. She herself had to lose her spot on the judging panel of a popular singing show, SaReGaMaPa. 

However, a year later, Anu Malik is back among the coveted judges panel on Indian Idol along with Neha Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani as if nothing happened.

Seeing this tyranny, Sona Mohapatra voiced her concerns once again and called out to the double-faced industry people in an open letter which she shared on her social media. She wrote:

Although there are many others who go through this harassing moments but only a limited one takes a step out of it and Sona Mahapatra shared about the same and made a big difference in itself.

Seeing her courage, many others jumped to take their sides on Twitter. Check it out: