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By Siddharth Singh . 12th July 2018 07:21pm

Every one of us is found of funny memes and trolls whether created on prominent Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala or Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. These may be funny but this sort of cyberbullying is nothing else than a mental illness for those who waste their time to construct it. But singing queen Neha Kakkar has just taken heavy on the trolls and memes who have just targeted her for her emotions. Neha recently got emotional and broke into tears for she has become a soft target for all the trollers in the town. But this big heart girl seems to take all the trolls in an extremely positive manner. First, check out the trolls she is going through, These are the same trolls Neha had shared on her official Instagram account with a befitting reply for all the trollers quoting;

Getting #Trolled for Crying! Next time Plz Troll Me for my Loud Laughter as well. Infact Why Dont You Troll Me for Helping the Needy People?? .. Anyway! Whatever it is, This is how I Am “Jaisi Real Life Mein Hoon, Waisi Hi Camera Ke Aage” CAMERA CANT CHANGE MY PERSONALITY! Yes I Am An Emotional Girl and Really Proud of it! I Have a Heart that feels people’s Emotions.. Many people these days have become Heartless/ Emotionless.. I don’t wanna become like them If I find something funny, I Laugh my lungs out, if I find something sad, it makes me Cry.. This is how I am and I’ll remain the same till I’m alive!! I have not only Cried but I’ve also Helped people several times and I will keep doing that!! Nothing can change me!! Infact people Love me for what I Am and for what I Do! ♥️ .. .. P.S. This trolling and those memes made Me laugh too They’re actually Funny and Btw.. We (#IndianIdol) Only take #GoodSingers ahead, Not the ones who have #SadStories! . #NehaKakkar .
Neha Kakkar Well, the quote is all itself this needs no explanation but the trollers and meme makers need to understand celebrity business is celebrity business none of there business. Well, on that good note what's your take on this trolling do let us know by commenting in the section below.