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Netizens come together to save the malnourished lions at the Sudan zoo

By Geetika Raleh . 22nd January 2020 02:00pm
Netizens come together to save the malnourished lions at the Sudan zoo

An online campaign gained momentum where people came forward to help the malnourished lions at the zoo located in Sudan.

Pictures of extremely malnourished lions from Africa’s Khartoum’s Al-Qureshi Park, Sudan are trending on the internet for some days now. The authorities at the zoo are being severely criticized for such negligence. The lions are caged and suffer from various infections.

The zoo has been suffering because of the shortage of the food and medicines for several weeks now.

The zoo authorities said that the condition of the lions worsened in recent weeks and some lost more than two-thirds of the body weight. The manager of the zee, Essamelddine Hajjar said that the food is not available at all times and many times they have brought food for the lions with their own money.

After the pictures of the lions went viral, people from all around the globe called in to help better the conditions.

Sudan is suffering a severe economic crisis due to increased food price and shortage of foreign currency.

An animal care group, FOUR PAWS has stepped forward and taken the responsibility to take care of the gaunt lions.

The African lions have been categorized as a ‘vulnerable’ species by the International Under for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).