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By Simran Kashyap . 28th June 2018 09:30am

NILAMI Lyrics - Satinder Sartaaj

Lyrics by: Satinder Sartaj Singer: Satinder Sartaaj Composer:Jatinder Shah Auctioned by Ishik Mehta Bismillah x (2) Waffle's Earrings Lies False Tilting Auction Auctioned by Bismillah x (2) Your Nanny Occult When Witch Troubled My Speech Lies Wrongly Gone A Drug Parrot , A cuddle, my potato pot smoked, but the paraphrased suddenly shocked the whole world. When the whole world asked for the testimony, I responded to them. Loose x (2) faithful Bismillah, as he said in the words of the Kitti Ishq, who had gone as far as the cows, had lost his shirt, he had never been close to his face; he came closer to him. Then again, his breathing was restless. They came to the bar at the Barahata .. They stayed on the merchandise, they planted the dry spleen x (2) the mouthpieces of the waffles were lying, the false pole, auctioned auction, Mehmoodi, who said Bismillah's testimony by saying, Who is the one who has heard this spiritual thing, the silence of the others, the call to ask for an explanation, but the words of the other, but the humorous Woman, finds no one to find ... (1) The story of Adam and Eve from Aesel is for a soul, for a soul like fire. A world of each town secretly larazadi Sartaj thousands spent the season came talker peers, peers, thousands of times spent in the weather

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