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By Siddharth Singh . 29th December 2017 10:29pm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i72upme054 After winning an international award Punjabi short film, 'Nooran' will now be displayed on the silver screen in the form of a feature film. 'Nooran' director Navtej Sandhu took the exciting news to his official Facebook handle. The short movie is a production of Sur Sanjh Productions. Director Sandhu in an earlier interview to a leading daily had quoted;

The objective behind the film was not to make money but to promote meaningful cinema.
The movie had been also screened at various events including World Premiere held at Toronto, Canada in Punjabi International Film festival (PIFF) and International Film Festival of South Asia (IFFSA). The story of the film is inspired by the work of renowned Punjabi story writer Balwant Gargi namely "Rabo Marasan". Nooran is a 30-minutes short Punjabi film set in 1960’s Punjab. The film features veteran Punjabi actor and theatre-artist Sardar Sohi as the male lead opposite actress Kul Sidhu. Sardar Sohi is one of those prominent veteran actors of Punjabi entertainment cinema without whom most of the Punjabi movies are simply incomplete. Any film he features in enhances its chances of being a hit. On the flip side, Kul Sidhu is a renowned theatre personality who has been much appreciated for her role in Gurvinder Singh’s National Award winning Punjabi film 'Anhe Ghore Da Daan'. The supporting cast of the film also includes Jaswant Jass, Gurinder Makna and Gurbinder Bhatti, all from the world of theatre in pivotal roles. The helmer of the film had decided to choose actors with a background in theatre since he believed that they are the ones who could have remained authentic to their roles. And indeed they did got it authentic, as a result of which the short film will soon show itself into a feature film for the 75 mm screen. The film touches the struggle of women and every scene acts very thought-provoking and gives an inspiring message at the end.