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By Admin Gabruu . 10th July 2018 01:30pm

Being famous is everyone's dream, on one side where with fame comes money, recognition, respect on the other side sometime being famous invite hurdles, jealousy and disrespect. as you can't make everyone happy. In recent months we have witnessed many examples of such incidents. For example actor and singer Parmish Verma was attacked by a gangster and seems like it's just the beginning. According to the recently reports actor and singer Preet Harpal also witnessed such attacks. As the singer who is currently on a tour recently posted a post where he revealed that as he is out of the country his house is being attached by anonymous persons. The Queen Banja hitmaker explained everything while sharing a picture of the suspect's

Sat shri akal saryan nu. Main ik pic share kar rehan aap sab naal jo ke last night di hai,2 anpshaate shararti bandyan mere ghar te raat pather maare and bhajj gye, main kise kam ghar ton door aan,mainu bahut time ho gya is ghar ch rehndyan par edan pehli baar hoya,mainu nhi pata kon ne and qeon edan hoya,par ghar saryan de ander dar hai,main kehna te nhi chaunda par main pehli baar IK dharmik song gaya and doosre din hi aah ho gya ho sakda main galat hi soch rehan hovan par j sahi soch rehan haan tan sachi punjab bahut galat paase wall chal pya hai,samj ton bahar hai ki kita jaave,RAB SARYAN TE KIRPA RAKHE. WJKKWKF🙏🙏🙏🙏
  Preet Harpal Preet Harpal also revealed that may his recent released song "Satguru Nanak"  which was a devotional song is the reason behind this incident. He also stated that if this is the reason than the condition of Punjab is not right. Preet Harpal After reading this post fans of the singer are very much concerned for his safety and security. We hope that after this incident police take some strict action against these people and will provide some security to the singer.