On one side where it has become an international topic of debate that whether UFOs exist or not. Seems like Indian media and people of Delhi have already given it a green flag. This has come into notice after when last Thursday combined security forces in Delhi went into a tizzy. The reason behind an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was reported to be hovering around Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official residence.

It happened on June 7 last week nearly at 7 30 PM when a UFO was allegedly reported near Kalyan Marg where PM’s official residence is located. Moreover, a nearby radius of around 2 kilometers is a non-flying zone. Therein immediately after spotting it, Special Protection Group called in police.

The National Security Guard, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Delhi Airport authorities and Delhi Air Traffic Control was also immediately put on alert. Further special commissioner of police and Delhi police chief spokesperson Dependra Pathak stated that; “The sighting was reported but nothing threatening was found. More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind.”

This is not the first time such an incident has been reported. On September 17, 2017, at around 10 PM, the Delhi police security control room was also informed about the sighting of a drone-like object around the Parliament area.


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