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By Navjot Bains . 6th June 2020 03:45pm


From singing ‘bhajans’ at jagrans, participating in the TV reality show Indian Idol to becoming the most sought after singer in the Hindi film industry, Neha Kakkar has come a long way. Today, it is hard to find a movie that doesn’t have a song credited to the singer.


Her journey to fame began from her first hit song “Second Hand Jawaani” from Deepika Padukone-Saif Ali Khan starrer Cocktail. Then, she went on to sing songs like “Sunny Sunny” (Yaariyan), “Kar Gayi Chull” (Kapoor and Sons), “Badri Ki Dulhania” (Badrinath Ki Dulhania) and many more. Eventually, she became the top choice of filmmakers for singing the remixes of old classics as well


On the occasion of Neha Kakkar’s birthday, brother Tony Kakkar revealed interesting facts about his sister and Dilbar singer. He shared that Neha has not changed with fame and success and that she has worked hard to reach where she is.


Birthdays are a special occasion for all and when it comes to popular celebs, they become even more fun. Speaking of this Bollywood singer, Neha Kakkar is celebrating her 32nd birthday today and on the occasion, her brother Tony Kakkar spoke to a portal about the Dilbar singer’s childhood and special memories. Neha is extremely close to her siblings Tony and Sonu and often shares photos on social media with the two. On her birthday, her brother Tony launched a special song The Story of Kakkars – Chapter 2 and it is a surprise for her.


Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Tony revealed that Neha has not changed at all with success and fame. He recalled that initially, he and Sonu Kakkar came to Mumbai and rented an apartment and Neha back then used to sing in Rishikesh. He remembered that his sister used to send money to him and Sonu when they were struggling in Mumbai. He even remembered the time when he and Sonu were thrown out of their house by the landlord in the middle of the night.


Tony went onto share that Neha has remained the same over the year and success hasn’t brought about any change in her. He said, “Despite all her achievements, Neha has not changed at all. She has become a star but what people see of her on television is exactly what she is. I don't know about how she feels, but for me, she will always be my best buddy. We don’t have many friends in the industry and you won’t find us partying too often. For us, our family is everything.”

Not just this, in the same interview, Tony revealed that when Neha was a kid, his family used to bribe her with dolls as she loved them and that is how they would get to her to study or practice singing. Tony shared that Neha still continues to be excited as a kid on her birthday and that she loves opening her presents. He even recalled how Neha began singing at religious events and that her voice left everyone in awe of her.

Well, surely these are happy memories for the Dilbar singer who celebrates her 32nd birthday today. Her brother Tony created the track The Story of Kakkars – Chapter 2 as a surprise for her on her special day. The song has been directed,  written, composed by Tony for Neha. He mentioned that it showcases Neha’s journey and will be a surprise for her on her 32nd birthday.