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On this Energy Conservation Day, this is how you can contribute

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 14th December 2019 03:02pm
On this Energy Conservation Day, this is how you can contribute

Every other person in the world needs energy in the form of fuel for preparing food, transportation and many other day-to-day activities. If we are on the verge of exploiting the resources, we will definitely end up in a stone age void of all the energy we wanted. 

The Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year on December 14 for the last 28 years and in India, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) implemented The Energy Conservation Act in 2001 with an aim to showcase achievements in the field of energy conservation and its efficiency.

To mark this day, the BEE organization also celebrated a National Energy Conservation Week from December 9 to 14 2019 which is mainly to create awareness among the people about the significance of energy and how to conserve it.


It signifies the efficient usage of energy without wasting it and save the same for future use. BEE says that any person can make efforts to save electricity at home or office by reducing consumption by turning off lights, fans, AC or any other appliances or instruments.

"The main objective is to reduce energy consumption and make use of it efficiently"

The BEE Organisation also organized a National level competition in Delhi to mark this day where more than 84 lakh children participated in the painting competition. The students from class 4th to 9th joined the competition where they painted different drawings to create awareness about energy and its conservation. 

The topics included "Be a bright spark, lights off till it's dark", "Do Your Part, Be Energy Smart" and "Be polite. Turn off the light".

The winners will be awarded today with cash prizes along with an appreciation of a Laptop and Fixed deposit. 

The energy conservation is not only limited to turning off lights, fans, etc but also includes Water conservation as it also serves as an energy source. One should also conserve Water as thousands of gallons of water are wasted every year and this can be done by reducing the wastage in bathrooms, public toilets, etc.

We would like to share some tips which you can make use of in daily life for conserving energy:

# Efficient usage of LPG while cooking food
# Save petrol and diesel by using vehicles sparingly or by carpooling
# Make use of solar-powered devices as they consume very less energy and they are cheaper in the long run as well
# Save electricity by turning off fans, lights and make use of LED lights as they consume very less energy.

Let us come together and take pledge on this day to conserve the energy for the future as we don't want our grandchildren to go into Stone Age once again.