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By Jasmeet Singh . 20th January 2018 12:30pm

From Bollywood to regional films, actors in the entertainment industry always go through various changes to fit into their role. For some, these changes include a drastic transformation in physical looks. While some take delight in such changes, others tend to lose themselves. Ranveer Singh while talking to a leading daily, said;

I was very consumed with the character, as I was shooting for 12-14 hours every day, especially as this was a character that is was a character that is far from who I am. The character definitely took me deep and it will take some time to cleanse it from my system".
Ranveer Singh To get perfectly well into character, Ranveer had to work out twice a day for six days a week. He had to undergo an intensified training which got him to increase his biceps and add up to 10kg weight. According to the actor, shooting for Padmavat is the longest he had ever done and as a result, the character he played affected him. In the film, Ranveer is seen as the Khalji dynasty ruler called Alauddin Khilji. Apparently, besides physically getting into character, he had to mentally get into the character which caused him to be secluded from people in order to be that cruel ruler. Still speaking to a leading daily, Ranveer revealed that he shot for the film for a whole year. Hence,
"living with Khilji for that long wasn't easy. That is why it then became a sort of a process to shed the character".
The ace Bollywood actor in order to get back to being the actual Ranveer Singh needed to visit a psychiatrist, lose 10kg, get a nice haircut and travel to London in order to purge himself of the character. The rising question is will Ranveer be able to watch this movie with fans in a cinema? As he gets Khilji out of his system, the actor has undergone another great transformation for the movie 'Gully Boy'. The photos he shared on his official Instagram page has gotten everyone stunned. Ranveer Singh This is perfection in every way. Thumbs up to Ranveer for such hard work and dedication.

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