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By Jasmeet Singh . 13th February 2018 10:30pm

Parmish Verma is a name that echoes talent, and creativity. He is one of those filmmakers who played a vital role in breaking the monotony of just dance in music videos. Parmish Verma is a unique flavor in the Punjabi entertainment industry that has attained a great level of success. From a music video director to an actor and now a singer, his versatility is one that knows no bound. It is no wonder he was appreciated by the Government of Canada. Parmish Verma in 2017, was recognized for his contributions to arts and culture. The actor-singer received a certificate of appreciation by Kamal Khera, Member of Parliament Canada. With great success comes in more efforts. Parmish in his latest single 'Kache Pakke Yaar' has shown his determination to take Punjabi music to greater heights. For a while now, Parmish Verma has been in the United States of America, California to be precise and in his latest post, he has given amazing captions that are worth sharing.

I came from nothing. Ain’t that something.
Parmish Verma The caption from this post without any questions asked, depicts a true heart of gratitude.
The thing about Dreams is that “it’s my Reality.”
Parmish Verma Apparently, everyone has the ability to turn a dream into a reality. Parmish did it and so can you.
Life that I don’t need a Vacation from, #GodsChild #Godsplan
Parmish Verma What Parmish has written as a caption about life and vacation is absolutely thrilling. No one ever takes a vacation from life or whatever passion it is you have. This is indeed a food for thought.
Sleep under the Stars. Create, Imagine, inspire
Parmish Verma Apparently, Parmish gets inspired by nature. It is no wonder his creativity is outstanding.
There’s a blessing in every Storm
Parmish Verma Most times, many complain without taking time to see the blessing that comes in disguise. Well said by Parmish, there is always a blessing in every storm.
Blessed are the curious for they shall have Adventures #ParmishVerma
Parmish Verma Curiosity is the only factor needed for an amazing adventure. With adventure comes more knowledge and gain. And inspiration for an amazing work of art. So enjoy your week and make it fruitful with these amazing words of inspiration by the uniquely talented Parmish Verma.

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