A day after Punjabi singer Parmish Verma and his friend Kulwant Singh Chahal were shot at, the police on Sunday arrested an aide of gangster Dilpreet Singh Dhahan alias Dilpreet Baba. Sources said the accused had been identified as Harvinder Singh alias Happy (26). He was nabbed by the police from his native Gullerwala village in Baddi in the early hours on Sunday. The sources had also claimed that three-four persons, including two industrialists from Baddi, had also been rounded up.

And now the assailant, Dilpreet Singh Dhahan who had earlier taken the responsibility of attack on social media earlier has now come out with a new post. In his earlier post-Dhahan had quoted taking all the responsibility of the attack saying;

Mein dilpreet singh dhahan sariya nu dasna chaunda k ajj parmish verma de goliya bazian apa mariya..

In his latest foot long quote, Dhahan has quoted saying that Parmish himself will tell media the reason behind this attack. Dilpreet has also named the members who were involved with him while attacking on Parmish and had asked police not to harass his known without any reason as they have taken all the responsibility for this attack.


Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh

Sariya nu banti hai ae ke eis kam nu kise dharam nal na jodo. Sadi kise dharam naal koi dushmani nai hai. J sardar ne golia maariya tan gal hor v ho sakhdi ae. Dasmesh pita ji da singh a pr jo masla e eis nu galat paase na lawo. Kuj facebook wale bidwan bhut utavale ho rehe ne milne nu teh video pa k galat boli jande ne ohna lyi ( kaka khaan nu jeher teh chaal maarn nu nehar ni labhni jidan mel ho gaye) pher na keho nijaaz banda maarta. rehi gal milne de jaldi mill lainde aw.

Teh ehe tan 50 golian da trailer cc jado maarna hoeya udo 500 goli maar k jawage.Ek hor banti karni chaunda hn k Police kise nu nijaaz tang na kare.. eis kam vich apa 4 c . mere naal

Akash maharastar ,

harinder singh maharastar ,

sukhpreet singh buddha cc.

Teh Baki reason parmish dasu media ch a k.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fatehSariya nu banti hai ae ke eis kam nu kise dharam nal na jodo. Sadi kise…

Posted by Dilpreet Singh Dhahan on 15 ಏಪ್ರಿಲ್ 2018

Mohali SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal had recently stated;

We have learnt that the assailants wanted to eliminate the singer, but the motive is not clear yet. Happy is an aide of Dilpreet Singh, who has taken responsibility of attacking the singer on social media. Our teams are on job to arrest other accused involved in the case.

The sources claimed that Happy was present in SUV used in the crime. He is facing another criminal case registered in Baddi. He is the son of a schoolteacher. Happy has been remanded in police custody for five days. Police teams have been sent to conduct raids in various districts. The sources claimed that another aide of Dilpreet Singh, identified as Bhupinder Singh alias Bhinda Don, had been arrested by the Amritsar police.

Parmish Verma’s condition is said to be stable and out of danger now. He has been moved out of the ICU. The singer-actor-director was shot by unidentified men in Mohali on Friday night. After regaining consciousness on Saturday evening, the prominent Punjabi celebrity took it to his official social media accounts thanking his fans for their well-wishes. The singer has also expressed hope that no mother should ever be forced to weep like his mother did recently. The celebrity victim has also cleared out that he has no enmity of any kind with anyone. Parmish quoted on his official media accounts;

Babe Nanak di Mehar naal main theek Haan, sare Fans dian duawaan naal ne, meri kisse naal vi koi tareeke di Dushmani nhi, jiwen Meri maa aaj roi hai, Punjab de kisse putt di maa kade na Rowe. Sarbat Da Bhala.


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