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By Nanki Ahluwalia . 30th March 2018 09:30am

Movie Vicky donor’s fame actress Yami Gautam has now taken up pole dancing to stay fit. After Jacqueline Fernandes, she is the second female actress to opt for pole dancing as her fitness mantra. She always shares her work out videos and images with her fans on her social media handles but this one has led to jaw-dropping reactions among her crazy fans. She has joined the pole dancing classes of celebrity teacher Aarifa Bhinderwala. The beauty believes that the urge for doing something different comes from within. She also said that she wants to experiment with herself. She said;

Now, I am in a phase where I want to experiment, push myself and my limit and this thought only comes from one's mind. Nobody put this thought in my head, it stems from my own will and passion.
Yami also added;
The whole idea came because of my love for fitness and dance and that is something I enjoy doing now. Pole dancing is a great way to work on your fitness ability and your dance. It challenges the fitness level a lot more. So I thought this could be something additional which until now I could not have imagined myself doing,
This can definitely boost the confidence of her large fan following those who consider pole dancing as an arduous task. [caption id="attachment_32761" align="alignnone" width="674"]Yami Gautam Source[/caption] The actress clarified that this isn’t preparation for a film like it was for Jacqueline Fernandez, who learned it for her action-thriller, A Gentleman. "I love fitness and dance and pole-dancing is a great way to work on my agility. I already attend dance classes so this is an added activity that I’ve taken up. Whether I do it on screen is for the makers to figure out but it’s an added advantage", she says.