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Positive Parenting tips for you to handle all the tasks with ease!! [Parenting Hacks]

By Kirti Pathak . 21st August 2019 08:00am
Positive Parenting tips for you to handle all the tasks with ease!! [Parenting Hacks]

Positive Parenting requires lots of love, care, sensitivity, responsibility, and smartness. To handle your smart kids you have to be a step ahead of them so that you are successful in raising them well. There are few parenting hacks or tips, which will be of great help for you to manage the various tasks and also overcome the usual problems you face.

1. A parent already has a lot of stuff and you definitely don't want more work for yourself. If you don't want your child to spill food from the plate make a suction plate so that everything stays in it and the spilling is avoided.

Positive Parenting Tips

2. It becomes difficult to deal with the bath toys with holes, which usually gets filled with water and is not clean for the child to play with. The best way to deal with it is to close the holes with glue which will stop the passage of water.

Positive Parenting Tips 2

3. Make a bag of chips easy to close to prevent it from toppling all over the place

Positive Parenting Tips 3

4.  With so many things to manage parents at times forget whether they gave their little one the Medicine or not. In such a case make it a point to mark on the bottle every time you feed your ward.

Positive Parenting Tips 4

5. If you have made something cold in the tiffin of your child, and you want it to stay cool for a longer time, add a frozen sponge inside it.

Positive Parenting Tips 5

6. The simple solution to do peaceful shopping is to give your child a cheerio necklace which will keep them engaged and not trouble you much.

Positive Parenting Tips 5

7.You can Create some pattern with puffy paint to avoid baby socks from slipping, with which your kids will be fascinated too.

Positive Parenting Tips 8

8. The moment when you want to make your child independent and learn to eat and drink, start with small things. Give them a cup with a plastic wrap on it and put a straw in it. This way they'll learn to drink themselves and also lessen your burden.

Positive Parenting Tips 8

9. To keep an eye on your child while driving the car, place a mirror at the backseat of the car.

Positive Parenting Tips 9

10. If your kid is resistant to eat the medicine, then all you need to do is dip a lollipop in the medicine and give it to them.

Positive Parenting Tips 10

11. To keep your kids happy with some tasty snacks, make frozen candies with little dots of flavored Yogurt.

Positive Parenting Tips 11

12. To develop the habit of washing hands, make a bar of soap at home with your child's favorite toy in it which will make your child wash their hands every time.

Positive Parenting Tips 12

13.Not only a snack but you can make icecream of yogurt too if your child is not interested in eating anything else.

Positive Parenting Tips 13

14. If you want to put the stuff toys to better use, then put all the soft toys in a big cover to store them all and make a comfortable seat for your child.

Positive Parenting Tips 14

15. Children love to wear accessories and you can get them a bracelet that can have your phone number on it in case of any emergency.

Positive Parenting Tips 15

16. Everything of a child has to be clean and nobody wants to get home germs and dirt when you have a kid. So the times you are taking your child out for a walk, cover the stroller's wheel with the shower cap.

Positive Parenting Tips 16

17. Every time your little one asks for your phone to play a game, put it on airplane mode so that they don't buy anything accidentally or call somebody.

Positive Parenting Tips 17