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By Rupanshi Saklani . 19th November 2018 05:00pm

Our king of romance ‘Prabh Gill’ has always entertained us with all his heart. His melodious voice acts as a soothing therapy for our soul. As the singer believes that an artist should always keep on trying something different so going by his words he has presented his fans with a very different and special track titled as ‘Strong Enough’.

Few days back the singer had shared the teaser of his upcoming song on his Snapchat and Instagram account sharing which he also said that if the teaser will be liked by the fans then he will go forward with the track. Well the teaser was not just liked but was super liked by his fans and the singer has recently released this track.

The song is a sad romantic melody which portrays the emotions of a girl who says that even after going through a lot in her life she is ‘STRONG ENOUGH’ to live and survive. The lyrics for this beautiful number have been scripted by Daljit Chitti and the music for the song has been composed by Silver Coin.

Till now only the lyrical video of the song has been released on the official YouTube channel of Prabh Gill ‘Prabh Gill Music’.

So till the time Prabh Gill comes with his next surprise tune into this sad ballad ‘Strong Enough’.

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