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Rafale Deal Verdict By Supreme Court: Gives Clean Chit To Modi Government

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 14th November 2019 07:32pm
Rafale Deal Verdict By Supreme Court: Gives Clean Chit To Modi Government

The Rafale deal relates to the buying of 36 multirole fighter jets at an estimated price of 7.8 billion euros by the Defence Ministry of India from France's Dassault Aviation.

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The deal entered into a political controversy in India but today, November 14, 2019, the Supreme Court gave the final verdict dismissing all the petitions against the current government and stated that there were no irregularities or corruption issues found in the deal.

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The plea/petition was about a re-examination of the December 14, 2018 verdict which stated that there was no occasion to doubt the decision-making process in the procurement of 36 Rafale fighter jets.


The Indian Rafale fighter jets will carry an RB series of tail numbers which is named after the current Air Force Chief RK Bhadauria. The weapon systems will give India the ability to engage Pakistani fighter jets from a distance without being tracked of their location. 

The fighter jets will incorporate with an air to ground SCALP missile which will be able to take down any target within the enemy country with extreme accuracy. 

This has a range of 300 km which means for operations like Balakot airstrike, the air force jets will not require to cross over the Line of Control (LOC) and can conduct the strike from the Indian airspace.

Other countries like France and Egypt do operate Rafale fighter jets, but the ones which India will get are modified to meet the specific requirements and are technically advanced versions. 

On this verdict, Rahul Gandhi, the former president of Indian National Congress has tweeted for an investigation into the matter,

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Amit Shah, BJP Chief demanded an apology from the Congress for running a baseless campaign on the Rafale deal after the Supreme Court gave the final verdict and today tweeted reaffirming Modi Sarka's credentials as a government.

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The first batch of four Rafale aircraft will arrive in India next year in May 2020 and the pilots will be trained following the jets to be dispatched to the Ambala airbase.