Ranveer Singh, who is best known for his powerhouse performances proved that how protective he is for his fans. Recently, the actor was spotted outside a Mumbai mall where he was mobbed by his fans.

Most of his fans were all desperate to click pictures with their star and they kept on pushing. The actor was all calm and requesting them to wait for their turn. The videos were shared by few of the Paparazzi accounts and fan club pages.

In the video, Ranveer is seen protecting his female fans. The video was taken when he was leaving from a store opening event. On the way back to his car, the actor stopped to pose for some pictures with his fans. Ranveer was showing special attention to his female fans which were not able to make their way through the crowd.

Ranveer is clearly seen posing for selfies with them, and even asking another fan who was yelling his name to come forward. When several men tried to take pictures with him, he is seen asking them to have patience. Ranveer then took pictures with them, too. He even jumped on the roof of his car and waved to the gathered crowd, which was large enough to cause a small traffic jam.

Ranveer is popular among the youth, who could be heard calling out to him with ‘Baba’, a name he is affectionately known by, like his Gunday co-star Arjun Kapoor. The two usually call themselves ‘Baba’ when they interact in public or on social media.

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