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By Gagan Bhullar . 26th May 2018 04:51pm

Salman Khan loves painting. Akshay Kumar is a master-chef. Vidya Balan can mimic and is a closet poet. Saif Ali Khan can strum some strings and win your hearts. The latest name added to this list of actors and their interests beyond Bollywood is that of actress Raveena Tandon. The Mohra actress is a talented photographer and guess what this diva loves to click?? Some of you would think, being from glitz and glam world, the lady would choose something sophisticated and statement as her hobby. However, Tandon likes to get dirty and wild! Raveena Tandon is a wildlife photographer and she showcased her works alongside 75 other photographers at H2PHOTO Exhibition organised by Earth Brigade Foundation, an NGO working for water crisis in wildlife sanctuaries. The exhibition took place at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai on 25th May and was attended by B-Town actors like Gracy Singh, Kavita Verma etc. [caption id="attachment_37557" align="alignnone" width="801"]RAVEENA Source: Instagram[/caption] According to her statements to leading news agencies, Raveena Tandon said,

Conservation is absolutely the need of the hour as a lot of species are already extinct and we are on the verge of losing many more of these beautiful beasts to the war between man and animal.
Talking about her passion for photography, Raveena Tandon also told,
Wildlife is my passion and capturing moments on camera is sheer thrill. The excitement and love for the forest and to conserve what we have on our beautiful planet with its beautiful creatures, which man is slowly destroying, is what draws me to support and take up initiatives like Project Aquarius.
Earth Brigade Foundation is an organisation run by Sarita and PV Subramaniam, who have been working to save India's wildlife getting affected by heat and the subsequent water crisis in various sanctuaries. The exhibition will conclude on 29th May.