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By Jasmeet Singh . 11th February 2018 08:30pm

Love is in the air as February 14 is just by the corner. Yes! The official love date known and celebrated world wide as Valentine. Be it a couple, or family, the past week has witnessed the exchange of roses, chocolates and other lovely gifts. For many, preparations are made. A lovingly good plan is drawn up in order to celebrate the special day of love. It could be a romantic picnic, a dinner date, or a party. Whichever you decide, make sure it is all about the fun and love. To make the day special, your favourite celebrities have come up with amazing songs fit for the day. Songs perfect for whichever way you decide to celebrate your valentine. While some of these romantic numbers have been released, others will be out on the D-day of love. They include:

Sten Gun by Romeo 

https://youtu.be/KkMvwMbAsOs Sten Gun is definitely a hit that will make your day special. Sometimes words cannot express your feelings but with music, it is possible. Rule your love world this valentine and let your heart know how you feel with the song 'Sten Gun'. The teaser to the song is out and Romeo brings it on with his charm and voice. Make it a date this February 14 with Romeo. Click on the image above to watch the teaser.

"Akh Lagdi" by Akhil

Akhil Next song coming soon is by Akhil. Akhil is a singer well known for his romantic melodies. His new song 'Akh Lagdi' will definitely serve you right this valentine. The song will be releasing on the 13th of February.

'Mein Te Meri Jaan' by Sartaaj

Also coming this valentine is an album known to have a collection of love shades. Sartaaj in his mesmerizing voice will be releasing one of the songs this valentine. Titled 'Mein Te Meri Jaan', the song will melt your heart. Good news is, the teaser is out and it is OMG! Very captivating. You will get the chills while watching it. A nice slow tune with a display of fierce affection. The teaser almost feels like a movie. In few seconds you will get lost in it and just at the peak the teaser finishes, leaving you wanting more.

"A romantic tale of a royal couple...love is tender...affection is wild...passion is warm...aggression is steamy"

What happens next to the royal couple? Click below to watch teaser. https://youtu.be/R9EIz4K4ye8 Full song and video will be released on the 13th of February. So, enjoy the official love day with these amazing romantic songs.