sajjan Adeeb

Sajjan Adeeb who rose to fame overnight with his debut track Ishqan De Lekhe is known for his soulful voice. His songs are mostly about love and they are mesmerizing. His most awaited song of the year Cheta Tera has been released and it is something that you will put on loop.

It is again a love ballad. It talks about the story of two unrequited lovers. The music video shows how the two were separated despite being madly in love. The saddest part is that the couple part their ways with a misunderstanding. When they both go towards each other they sadly cross their ways.

As always his voice makes this sad story, sadder than it actually is. A soothing voice and a heartbreaking story going hand in hand are more than perfect. Along with Sajjan Adeeb, Afsana Khaan has added a powerful female touch to the song with her voice. An awesome music video by Tru-makers. As always Desi Routz has done a very good job with the music. Sajjan Adeeb has co-written the song with Mehar Burj and Manwinder Maan.

Both the song and the music video is so heartwarming that you will put it in the loop.

Watch The Full Video Below!


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