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Salman Khan to quit Bigg Boss 13 as he doesn't want to get angry again

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 12th December 2019 02:22pm
Salman Khan to quit Bigg Boss 13 as he doesn't want to get angry again

Salman Khan, the Bollywood actor is known for his versatile acting in the movies and have hosted the TV reality show 'Bigg Boss' for almost a decade and covering 10 seasons.

Salaman Khan

According to the reports, Salman Khan who is currently hosting the 13th season of TV reality show Bigg Boss might quit based on his health conditions. His family and friends are concerned about him and have advised him to leave the show 'Bigg Boss' as they don't want Salman Khan to get angry again.

Salman Khan Father Mother

Salman Khan has recovered from a health issue called "Trigeminal Neuralgia" and that doesn't allow him to get angry as it can disturb his nerves and have an adverse effect on the health.

Salman Khan Bigg Boss

We have already seen that the Bigg Boss housemates are always getting on the nerves and this disturbs Salman Khan's health and he can get angry which is not good. Hence he will be quitting the Bigg Boss and this can be his last show to host on TV.

Salman Khan who turns 54 on 27th of this month is expected to celebrate his birthday on the sets of Bigg Boss and will quit the show from January 2020 onwards.


As per the sources, the filmmaker Farah Khan might be given the responsibility to host the remainder of the Bigg Boss Season 13.

Farah Khan Bigg Boss

What are your thoughts on Farah Khan as the host of Bigg Boss, will she be able to keep the same entertainment running for the audience and can handle the housemates in her style. Do let us know.

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