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Samsung 'The Wall' is not a Television but 300 inch 8K MicroLED display

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 6th December 2019 12:50pm
Samsung 'The Wall' is not a Television but 300 inch 8K MicroLED display

One must have always experienced and even bought LED TVs as per their choice ranging from Normal, Full HD screens to High-end 4K displays. Samsung has gone ahead by unveiling ultra-luxury large-sized displays.

December 5, 2019: Samsung Electronics has unveiled its large format display called 'The Wall' in India which works on MicroLED display technology. It was first introduced at the 2019 CES at Los Angeles. The company says that this is not a television but a large-sized display targeted for the corporate stalwarts and ultra-rich people.  


Samsung's 'The Wall' is available in three different models based on the display size ranging from Rs 3.5 crore to Rs 12 crore. It comes in different sizes starting from a 146-inch display with 4k definition, 219-inch display with 6k definition and 292-inch display with a massive 8k definition. 

Samsung is offering two main versions of the product namely 'The Wall Luxury' and 'The Wall Pro'


'The Wall' will feature Quantum HDR technology with a peak brightness of 2000 nites at 120 Hz video rate. The display never turns off but the digital canvas can change according to the interior lighting and other factors. 

The AI picture quality engine will ensure to deliver an optimized picture regardless of the original source.


Samsung will import the product from Vietnam and is available to buy from December 5, 2019, onwards. Right now customers can view the display at Samsung's experience center in Gurgaon, but on prior registration only.

Samsung is setting up more experience centers across the country in major cities and hope you can experience the ultra-rich display.

For those who are always on the spree to buy things online, Sorry folks!!! this product will not be available online.