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Sardar Manmohan Singh: The man who helped Punjabi entertainment industry rise from the ashes

By Geetika Raleh . 18th October 2019 03:46pm
Sardar Manmohan Singh: The man who helped Punjabi entertainment industry rise from the ashes

More than not, it is assumed that people if become well-established in a particular entertainment industry, often forget their roots. However, this is not true in many cases, and especially not at all true when it comes to talking about Sardar Manmohan Singh, the very personality in the film making business in the country.

He is a cinematographer in Bollywood and a director in the Punjabi film industry. Talking about his journey in the Bollywood, he has worked with Yash Chopra and shot films like Chandni, Darr, DDLJ, Dil To Pagal Hai, and even Mohabbatein. All these films were blockbusters and are considered classic films today.

His contributions to the Bollywood cannot go unnoticed and in the same way, his efforts to revive the Punjabi film industry is the example of courage and determination.

There came a point in the life of Punjabi entertainment industry that it just faded away. It was only the lion-like courage of one person who invigorated the industry, and it is none other than Sardar Manmohan Singh.

He took a life changing step in 2002 with the decision of making ‘Jee Aayan Nu’. The artists’ still, remember this film as the changing point of the entertainment world of Punjab. And after this, people started making films again, and the entertainment industry started breathing again.

After this film, he went ahead and made films like ‘Asa Nu Maan Watna Da’, ‘Yaaran Naal Baharan’, ‘Dil Apna Punjab’, ‘Mitti Wajaan Mardi’ and ‘Mera Pind’. All these films received massive applause from the masses and the critics alike and today is respected by every artist in the industry.

He had to work for Rakesh Rosshan’s hit film Koi Mil Gaya when he refused and decided to make ‘Jee Aya Nu’. This was a huge step on his part, because if he had worked on the film his success rate card would have reached a different height altogether.

There’s a saying in Punjabi which goes as: ‘Mehkeya hoeya bag chhadke aaye te ehte nave butte lgaye’. This means that he left all his fame and stardom of the Bollywood there and decided to flourish the Punjabi entertainment industry from scratch.

Today every artist of the industry, be it a singer or an actor, a director or a producer all thank him from the bottom of their hearts. A person like him is a gem that the Punjabi entertainment industry feels lucky to have.