When you fall madly in love, there’s hardly any difference between you and your lover. Love is passionate and innocent, takes you on an emotional roller-coaster and the ride is definitely super-fun. Haven’t fallen in love yet? Well, the soulful singer Satinder Sartaaj has given us a new reason to fall in love, with his latest track ‘Main Te Meri Jaan’, which released today. The song is a trademark Sartaaj, classy and royal, number.

Satinder Sartaaj’s first track from the album Seasons of Sartaaj ‘Main Te Meri Jaan’ released on the eve of Valentine’s Day and has become every lover’s words of heart. The lyrics of the song have been penned down by the immense sea of talent, Sartaaj, himself. In today’s times when lyrics lack a true representation of emotions, recording a chartbuster takes priority over quality of music, singers like Sartaaj keep the excellence of music and words maintained. The King of Sufi has written a lover’s heartbeats down and turned them into a song. The melody is composed by ace music director Jatinder Shah and produced under the Saga Music label.

The video directed by Sandeep Sharma will leave you with a sweet smile on face and butterflies in heart. Added to that, the breath-taking smile of the singer himself… it’s awwwwwwww-some. Sartaaj is known for his poetic brilliance, which is proven yet again in this track. The songster who is an award-winning actor as well and has been acclaimed for his performances on international platforms, mesmerizes the listeners once more.

‘Main te Meri Jaan’ begins with subtle and mellowed beats but soon evolves into a soft bhangra number with drum beats. The song has been released specially a day before the Day of Romance to set the mood and ambiance for a perfect Valentine’s celebration.

To watch the music video click below:



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