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Shahrukh Khan at his sassiest best on David Letterman show

By Zeeshan Mohd. . 26th October 2019 11:59am
Shahrukh Khan at his sassiest best on David Letterman show

Shahrukh Khan once again proved that he is one of the most savage persons on earth. He appeared on the much-anticipated 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman and Shahrukh Khan'  and as usual, he was at his wittiest self and managed to charmingly run the full course of the show. His persona and humour are world famous and we don't think that we need to elaborate as to what he said during the show but still, after watching it, we can tell you that no matter who's a fan you are in Bollywood, Hollywood or Pollywood, you just can't hate SRK. 

He is the epitome of tongue-in-cheek humour apart from being very light-hearted about serious problems which he went through in his life. From loosing to his parents to exhausting all means to find his then-girlfriend, Gauri to talking about living with his grandparents; he shared everything with his usual charismatic, cheeky humorous style. 

During the opening monologue, David speaks about the 3.5 billion people who love Shahrukh Khan and the huge crowds which gather outside his house on big occasions. To this, SRK says that he loves people, and mid-way through his career, he realized that he is now working for the myth called Shahrukh Khan and since then, he has been making sure that he devotes enough time to them so that they keep on loving him even if his movies do well on the box-office or not. He further adds that he has been nothing but grateful for the love that he has been receiving for the last three decades and continue to do so.  

There were moments in the show which made David laugh time and again. Even though it was a serious interview with questions about his life, cooking for his kids, running away from Delhi to Mumbai for his wife, struggle in the industry, life in Delhi, living with parents, working in the television industry and more but you leave it to SRK to weave his magic and keep it light-hearted yet intriguing.

And of course, Twitter was all gung-ho. Check out some of the reactions including Netflix India's as well: