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You may be missing this lady on the silver screen, but this Bollywood diva sure knows how to be in news and be visible. After sizzling the 70 mm curtain with her bold performances in movies like Murder, Hisss, Welcome, etc., Mallika Sherawat is now active in philanthropy.

When actresses like Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut were busy strutting down the Cannes 2018 Red Carpet, Ms. Sherawat was busy hogging the limelight from within a cage.

Take a look:

mallika sherawat
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Well, Mallika Sherawat went into the lock up because she is the ambassador for an international NGO ‘Free A Girl India’ that focuses on the fight against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children. Raising awareness for the cause, the campaign ‘Free a Girl’s Lock-Me-Up’ was initiated by the organisation and Mallika Sherawat, the representative locked herself in 12×8 jail to attract global attention.

Dressed in a dull midi dress and sporting a sad face, the actor tried portraying the misery of the young girls who are trapped and trafficked in confines of such boxes, without any aid or care.

Not very long ago, the actress had also turned heads at Cannes 2012 Red Carpet with her snake-look for promoting her Hollywood flick Hisss. She is famous for her take-no-prisoners, bold and sultry looks. Walking the most coveted red carpet for almost 13 years now, Mallika is for sure the Mallika of Unusual Acts.

Despite her choice of costumes and styles (which are, frankly, quite shocking sometimes) the lady is known for her social works and quite strong views on matters related to children and women. She has been associated with several NGOs like School for Justice, Urja and even participated in 65th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference in 2014 to address the problems faced by women in India.


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