No one can be a better fit the example of beauty with brains than Punjabi actress Simi Chahal. This Ambala girl has a witty humour with a perfect blend of sensibility. And once again she has stolen the hearts of thousands by posting a video on her Instagram handle. In the video, she is seen carrying a snake on her shoulders and holding his face in hands with a childish excitement glimmering in her eyes.

Simi Chahal

Simi added the video deescribing how she has always been a true admirer of nature and its beings. She also mentioned that she used to watch Discovery and National Geographic Channel as a kid and loved animals. She has played with many animals and enjoy being with them. This nature lover believes that from a leaf to a worm, every element of nature has a beauty of itself.

Say Hi! to Karttoun owned by lovely Britney♀ “oh! its a He” He is one of the most beautiful elements of nature we have been blessed with ‘
that i was in awe of this handsome creature and was left spellbound would be an understatement tbh ‘

i was just concerned about not suffocating him

@karamjitanmol sorry sir i didn’t know that ‘
#Shinda- You cute lil thing ‘

#amrindergill Fact: am obsessed with nature and everything beautiful that comes with it since i was a kid. i have played with a lot of animals, pets(of other people), worms and what not have always loved each and every leaf that grew around me, i Love gardening(got it from my mommy☺️) me and my brother grew up watching ONLY Discovery and Nat Geo Channels 24/7(for real) we are mad nature lovers and would always be❤️ #NothingLikeTheNatureGodSurroundedUsWith Vancouver you are will come back for you sooooon! and You have my heart FOREVER❤️ .

While holding Karttoun, she carefully asks if her stronghold was suffocating him. She even did not even back out from scarring people around her while enjoying the snake’s company. This video has got more than 44,000 likes and 500 comments within a few hours.

Simi Chahal does not only steals hearts of millions of humans but also animals!

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