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By Siddharth Singh . 12th December 2018 05:30pm

In the last one decade, music has evolved as a strong medium of healing every pain. You hardly hear a person who says that music has destroyed their life. If we talk about India then Indian movies are incomplete without music. For Indian movies music works as a backbone as these movies are incomplete without music. 

This thing has given many aspiring singers a platform to showcase their musical talent. Nowadays many of the independent artists are coming out with their own singles. This scenario is very much common in regional cinema and if we talk about regional cinema then the first name which comes to our mind is of the Punjabi entertainment industry. 

Punjabi entertainment industry has evolved to be the fastest growing industry in the category of regional cinema. It has always welcomed the new talents with a warm heart. Punjabis are really fond of singing and we all know that most of our Punjabi celebrities started their career as a singer by doing singles and music albums. 

The latest addition in this row is our very own Punjabi gabruu Singga who is all set to mark his singing debut with the upcoming song which is titled as ‘Jatt Di Clip 2’. The original track was released back in the year 2017. This original song was written by Singga while it had vocals done by Mankirt Aulakh. 

A couple of days back Singga took to his Instagram where he shared the poster of this song. In the poster, he was seen dressed up in a suit and sitting on a couch. In one hand he has a pistol. Now, in a fresh update, Singga has shared a small teaser of this song. 

The song is presented by Sajjan Duhan while the lyrics and the vocals have been done by Singga himself. Western Pendus has given their music to the song and it will be released under the music label ‘Single Track Studio’. 

The song will be out on 15th of this month. So, are you all excited for this? Do let us know in the comments section below.