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#SinglesDay 11/11 - The Anti-Valentine's Day Where People Rejoice Their Singledom

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 11th November 2019 04:09pm
#SinglesDay 11/11 - The Anti-Valentine's Day Where People Rejoice Their Singledom

You celebrate Valentine's Day of being coupled up; Some people celebrate Singles' Day to enjoy singledom.

November 11 is celebrated as the Single's Day or popularly known as the Guanggun Jie in China. It is a shopping holiday where young people in China celebrate by throwing parties and buying presents just to rejoice in their singledom and get away from the stigma of not being coupled up as in the case of Valentine's Day.


The Single's Day which is also known as the Bachelor's Day originated in 1993 at the Nanjing University of China. Being celebrated as a holiday, this day got its name "Single's Day" from the date i.e. November 11th (11/11) which consists of four "ones" and that represents four singles.

There is a story behind this day which originated in 1993, when four male students of the Nanjing University decided to break away from the boredom of being single and agreed this day, November 11 as the day of events and celebrations in the honor of being single. 


Though this day is not being recognized as the official holiday in China, but it has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world. Big companies like Alibaba, JD.com, Taobao, and others have achieved a massive sales record reaching more than $30.7 Million as of last year. This is possible as the companies target young consumers and can sell products worth billions. 


As Alibaba was the first to focus more on Single's Day for the consumers, other companies also jumped into the same bandwagon which included Vipshop Holdings Ltd, Amazon.com and JD.com to offer promotions. The retailers care about Single's Day as they say "If you win China, you win the world".

Across the world, Black Friday shoppers buy gifts at a heavy discount ahead of the year ending holidays which also includes Christmas, whereas, in China, Black Friday shoppers focus mainly on buying overseas products at discounted prices.

#SinglesDay is trending on Twitter and we have compiled some of the Memes and Funny thoughts which people have shared over the social media, Do take a look:


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