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By Geetika Raleh . 12th October 2018 12:00pm

Jassie Gill has been surprising all of us with his acting and singing talent since a very long time. He is a sheer example of entertainer and charmer, spellbinding girls with his infectious smile and making guys dance to his tunes. And when he collaborates with other artists in the industry, there is nothing in the world that can beat the chemistry. His collaborations with the top-notch singers in the industry is a sure thing to be a massive hit and receive immense love from the fans too.

Well, this time the singer was trying to collaborate with Neha Kakkar since the last 4 years and finally when they were able to collaborate, the song had to be a huge hit. Some days ago, the singers shared a poster of their upcoming song titled ‘Nikle Currant’.

The song has been released today and is a song which would definitely make the romantic person in you rise. The sing has been sung by two refined and ace singers of the industry, that is, Neha Kakkar and Jassie Gill, lyrics to the song have been written by the ever lovely Jaani and videography has been done by Arvindr Khaira and music has been given by Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz.

The song basically narrates the story of a boy and a girl where the boy tries to impress the girl doing different things. But the girl being smart does not get impressed. But finally after trying so hard, she too confesses her feelings for him, and both of them end up together. The song has been shot at a foreign location which has just added to the beauty of the song.

The catchiest lines of the song are:

Jihde to likhake menu sher bhejda ae, jaandi mai yaar tera Jaani,

Tere lai hi gawa, tere vaaste likhwana, gaane likhda ae yaar mera Jaani,

Mai v Neha Kakkar ve, badi dur aa Jassie teri maar toh,

Oh Tak Tak tenu goriye, nikle currant tere yaar cho !!!