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Society Demands Justice for Harsh and Madhav - A Case For Feminism | Article 15

By Geetika Raleh . 3rd September 2019 02:00pm
Society Demands Justice for Harsh and Madhav - A Case For Feminism | Article 15

Two students of Amity University in Noida were beaten up by a gang of four students as they entered into a fight over parking issues.

The students who were beaten up are identified as Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary. They are pursuing BA Political Science at Amity University.

Noida local police have shared that Harsh Yadav, one of the students who has lodged the complaint, was parking his car outside the university campus when the incident took place.

The incident as narrated by Harsh is like this:

Around 2:30 PM, Harsh was looking for a parking space while a girl in her SUV came in the way and parked her car in the middle of the road. Harsh told the girl to move her car but she started arguing, but then Harsh parked his car somewhere else. When Harsh again confronted the girl, she started abusing him and threatened and after that the argument escalated.

Later, the girl called her 20-25 male friends who came to Harsh and started abusing and assaulting him in the class and also outside the campus.

Harsh's friend Madhav Chaudhary intervened into this in order to save Harsh but he was also beaten up by a gang of those students.

Divaker Tyagi who was with Harsh Yadav was the key eye witness and has shared that while Harsh and Madhav were waiting for a PCR van, around 25-30 people came towards them with rods, stones and sticks and started beating them.

The injured were taken to a nearby hospital by their friends where both of them got several stitches on the head as they were in a very severe condition. Madhav Chaudhary is still in the ICU as he is suffering from internal bleeding.

When Harsh and Madhav reported the incident to the police, they informed us that those girls had already filed a report against us to be on the safer side. This FIR was filed on the charges of molestation which apparently never happened.

The girl is purely using her card of being a woman and has not told the truth to the police, calling the entire incident of MOLESTATION.  

Noida Sector 39 SHO Mr. Neeraj Malik has lodged an FIR against those four students based on the complaint filed by Harsh and Madhav under IPC Section 323 (punishment of voluntarily causing hurt), Section 147 (for rioting), Section 504 (Criminal act and intimidation) and Sector 506 (Insulting others intentionally and provoke breach of peace).

Further, there has been no official complaint lodged by any Amity University student and an enquiry has been set up for investigating into the case and based on the reports, Disciplinary actions will be surely taken. This has been shared by Savita Mehta, the Vice President (communication) of Amity Group.

So, it’s your time to bring in the justice you believe in. This is sheer violence and it is not acceptable in any form.

Boys also deserve equal rights as that of girls and have equal respect as per our constitution and under Article 15, which states that discrimination should not be done on the basis of any religion, different race, caste, gender, sex or birthplace.



Meanwhile, the fellow students and the youth is raging with anger over the incident and demand justice for Harsh and Madhav. Here are some tweets by the people.