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Some myths you should break to take care of the your hair

By Deepakshi Arora . 31st January 2020 11:00am
Some myths you should break to take care of the your hair

Today we all are occupied with the busy schedules that we trade our health and care with. However, investing time in our care should always be our priority.

Hair is one of the essential traits of our personality which should be provided with the best nourishment. When it comes to taking care of our hair we all believe in some hair care myths which have been passed on for generations, like one should wash her hair twice or thrice a week. Even by following the so-called advice, it is possible that one might not get the desired results.

In order to stop these myths we have to break some stereotypes, here are some surprising myths you think might play an important role in hair care.

Constant trimming of hair leads to hair growth

Myth is that trimming your hair regularly boosts hair growth. We are advised by our hairstylists to trim hair every 3 or 4 months. We want you to know that the end of your hair does not affect the follicles in your scalp. Even without trimming, your hair will grow at an average of a quarter-inch every month. Trimming may save you from hair fall and hair damage but it does not have any effect in your hair growth.

Changing your shampoo regularly is a solution

People believe that changing shampoo from time to time would give you good hair. This is not true. Changing shampoos constantly will not help you achieve healthy hair miraculously. You do not need to obsess over it. However, if you have your hair colored recently, it will be beneficial to use a more moisturizing shampoo. 

Brushing your hair constantly will improve hair growth

It is often said that brushing the hair frequently improves the health of the hair. It facilitates the blood flow into the scalp and helps in hair growth. But this is another myth. In fact, too much brushing can cause excessive friction and pull of hair which ultimately leads to cuticle damage. On contrary if you brush your hair too much it can lead to hair fall.