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By Rupanshi Saklani . 18th October 2018 10:30am

There may be times when you’re friends cancel the plan for a party or when they drop out at the end moment or when they refuse to accompany you for an occasion. But does that mean that you should drop the thing too? The answer is- if you want to do something badly, just go for it. There is no looking behind then. If you know doing a thing or a task can make you happy, what else do you want? There can’t be a thing more shattering when a person desperately longs for a thing but drops the idea just because he has no company. Sometimes it’s good not to have a company. Just have a look at the five pros of going on a trip alone, without your friends. And you will realize that it’s worth it!

Know yourself, explore yourself! : Travelling alone to a place is the best thing that fits here. You get to know yourself, understand your emotions more when you are alone. You view the world, the people from an entirely different perspective. You start thinking about even the minutest of the things that people don’t even notice because at that time you are the one who pays maximum attention to the things that are happening around. You do find and realize your strengths and weaknesses. And you’ll love the time that you spend alone.

Make new friends: A group of friends on trip hardly interact with other groups. This is the advantage of going on a trip alone, you get noticed, people start interacting with you and eventually you make new friends. You may also meet people who may become friends for life.

Experiment: Do what you never did before. There is no one around to stop you. You are free to do what you feel like doing. Be adventurous, know your capabilities. But do not experiment on the cost of your safety. Keep yourself safe and secured.

Beat the clutter and be different:  The moment you choose to go alone, you’ve already taken the first step to do this. You have no one around who would judge you, because they don’t know you. You don’t need to be good for someone you don’t like.

You are the master! : The most important of all. You create your own wish list. Only you decide what you want to do. There will be no one to whom you need to listen to. You can do whatever you want and whenever you want. You don’t need to kill your wishes or desires for someone else’s comfort.

So, take every chance and live the moment!