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Sona Mohapatra says Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi, Jacqueline didn’t lip-sync properly to her songs: ‘Mooh khola hi nahi usne’

By Navjot Bains . 23rd May 2020 03:00pm
Sona Mohapatra says Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi, Jacqueline didn’t lip-sync properly to her songs: ‘Mooh khola hi nahi usne’

Sona Mohapatra is disappointed with the recent crop of female actors who she believes don’t lip-sync properly

Singer Sona Mohaptra is unhappy with the lip-syncing skills of female actors. She says that the recent crop of actors lack the conviction of older generation of stars who would take lip-synching more seriously.


Speaking to Bollywood Life, Sona particularly called out Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar. She sang the song Gold Baby for their film Saand Ki Aankh.

“They are supposedly, you know, more serious actresses in it, and yet, I would like to ask Bhumi and Taapsee, did you not hear the song once before you did a lip-sync because there is no effort to even lip-sync the song in a way ki woh lage ki woh gaana bhi gaa rahe hai (it’d look like they were singing). Kyunki set pe aagaye or aise thoda muh hila diya aur cut away hogaye (they just arrived on set and moved their lips a bit) and actually the audience get it. They are like ki lag nahi raha hai ki gaana ga rahi hai (it doesn’t look like they are singing) and you know people don’t know why it’s the case,” she said.


Sona also aimed her guns at Jacqueline Fernandez for not performing well to one of her songs. “I sang some qawwali or something for Jacqueline Fernandez (pauses)… I think Jacqueline Fernandez. Woh Saiyaan bolte waqt mooh khola hi nahi usne, Saiyaan karke muh band rakha hai (she didn’t open her mouth while lip-syncing, immediately after the word Saiyaan, she kept her mouth shut),” she said. Sona added that lip-synching properly is also an art that older actors excelled at.


Sona recently shared an acoustic version of her emotional song O Ri Chiraiya as a Mother’s Day tribute. It was composed by Ram Sampath for Aamir Khan’s TV show, Satyamev Jayate. The song’s lyrics were penned by Swananad Kirkire


The ‘chiraiya’ bird in the song that I sing for this time is our motherland, India, and also our Mother Earth. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I want to urge people to get together and think about what we can do for our mothers for a change. Our own, the country and the earth, all three of them nurture us and we all can do much better in paying them back with more consideration and care,” Mohapatra said.