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Sonam Kapoor switches off her comment section in response to brutal cyber bullying

By Navjot Bains . 22nd June 2020 02:24pm
Sonam Kapoor switches off her comment section in response to brutal cyber bullying

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput last week, many Bollywood celebrities are being blamed by the fans of sushant. Earlier, Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt went trending on Twitter. Fans started abusing Filmmaker Karan Johar for supporting only favorites and star kids in the industry. They believe that nepotism is the biggest reason behind sushant 's unfortunate death.

Later, a video clip from the famous tv chat show hosted by Karan Johar, "koffee with karan" goes viral in which Sonam kapoor and Anil Kapoor were the guests.

Sonam was being brutally bullied for this and unlike Sonakshi who deactivated her Twitter account,  Sonam decided to give it back to the cyber bullies.

Sonam recently disabled comments on her Instagram posts and the trolls began sending her direct messages instead. She has been sharing screenshots of those messages on Instagram Stories, showing how people are saying that she should have died instead and also wishing death upon her future children.

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“A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remain as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.” – Ama H. Vanniarachchy I’m blessed to be born to a father who has taught me the value of integrity, morals, progressive ideas and the importance of work ethic, I’m lucky enough to marry into a family where my father in law leads by example with his optimism, spirituality and doing everything he does with an unbeatable conscience. Both of them have given me unconditional love and support. And they’ve both started with nothing and reached stars and have done everything to give their children whatever they need so they don’t have to face the same trials they faced. But our most important inheritance is the values that they have passed down. Happy Father’s Day to the super heroes in my life.. I am because of you.

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“Yes I’ve switched off my comment section and my parents comment section because I don’t want my 64 year old parents to go through this. They did nothing to deserve this. And I’m not doing it out of fear you morons I’m doing it out of common sense to preserve my mental health and my parents,” she wrote in a post.


“Also people wishing death on my future children. And on my family. That video you’ve been spouting was 7 years old. When he had one film out didn’t know him, like he didn’t know me and didn’t say anything about me till now. also please go and watch the episodes where my fellow actors have maybe said much worse about me, but I have taken it in the spirit the show was meant to be, in zest,” she wrote. She was talking about a viral clip from Koffee With Karan when Karan Johar asked her about Sushant and she said she didn’t know who he was.


Sonam also shared a post about karma being a great leveller and a tweet about being proud of the family she was born to. “Today on Father’s Day id like to say one more thing, yes I’m my fathers daughter and yes I am here because of him and yes I’m privileged. That’s not an insult, my father has worked very hard to give me all of this. And it is my karma where I’m born and to whom I’m born. I’m proud,” she wrote.


“Bullying, misguided vengeance, and the need to further your own agenda not caring about the collateral damage. This is all your karma. May god and the universe forgive you,” Sonam added. She also shared a long text, in which she said that she is praying for those who are ‘spouting hate’.


“Karma is the biggest leveller. We are where we are because of our karmas and we are born and go through what we go through because of our karmas. Everyone who is spouting hate it’s your karma. All of you are in my prayers. I thank god everyday for where I am and whom I’m born too. If you really knew what Hindu philosophy and dharma is about you wouldn’t be so foolish. You are just damaging yourself and quality of life,” she wrote.


Many Bollywood celebrities including Sonakshi Sinha, filmmaker Shashank Khaitan and actor Aayush Sharma have deactivated their Twitter account after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, claiming that the platform has an excessive amount of negativity.