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By Gurpreet Kaur . 6th June 2018 08:30pm

[caption id="attachment_13298" align="alignnone" width="358"]Raftaar source[/caption] Raftaar is a famous face which is known to everyone in the country. He rose to fame despite facing various challenges in the industry which did not deter him from gaining success. He started his career in 2009 when Honey Singh noticed his work. He started working with a group named Mafia Mundeer. Due to the policies of the group, Raftaar felt that he could not get the platform to showcase his talent, and he left the group. [caption id="attachment_38490" align="alignnone" width="399"]sawg mera desi source[/caption] After leaving the group, he dropped his first single ‘Swag Mera Desi’ which became an instant hit in 2014. He feels that being very new in India; people still think that rap is nothing but noise. Raftaar dropped his new song, in collaboration with Sonu Kakkar, ‘Sare Karo Dab’. In his album, ‘Zero to Infinity’, he has launched four new rappers, Muhfaad being one of them. [caption id="attachment_38489" align="alignnone" width="401"]sare kro dab source[/caption] Talking about launching new faces in the music industry, Raftaar says,

“We all have been pushed by somebody, knowingly or unknowingly. And there are so many good people out there, how do you decide who is good and who is not? It is not only about talent these days. It is also about how quick you can be with your talent. How quickly you can create something because music is like fast food today. It’s a very fast pace market. So it’s all about being at the right place at the right time. So if I see myself in somebody I will definitely push that person.”
Talking about his parents and their struggle for providing Raftaar with the basic necessities of life, he said
“My mother would travel long distances for her job. My father didn’t have a very fancy designation. All my life, I saw my parents slog for us and I was using my talent to make money. There are a few songs I may not like being associated with, but people wanted that. Even Honey rapped some international songs in the beginning, but there were no takers for it. I was desperate to give my parents a comfortable life.”
From getting a break with Honey Singh’s group, to launching new faces in his album rapper and singer, Raftaar, has come a long way in the music industry. [caption id="attachment_38488" align="alignnone" width="400"]BeFunky-collage (6) source[/caption] With songs like ‘Dhakad’, ‘Tu Mera Bhai Nhi Hai’, ‘Toh Dhishoom’, ‘Tamanche Pe Disco’ and being on the Roadies, it sure looks like he has definitely explored his talents in the B-town.