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By Shriya Sharma . 23rd February 2019 02:47pm

Please tell us you are also trippin' on Jassie Gill's 'Churai Janda Eh' right from the day the song was released! 'Coz we have been in love with this song and are playing it on loop ever since. For those who are still in the love haze of Valentine's month, this number is featured in Ninja, Jassie Gill and Ranjit Bawa starrer 'High End Yaariyaan'. The film released on 22nd February, and we went watching, just so you may know that we give it a big Thumbs Up!

The film is a comedy caper with the right blend of emotions and drama. It begins with the story of how the three lads became friends in the first place and then turns to showcase their philosophy on love. Jassie Gill has proved his acting mettle with every single release and here too, he has won over the hearts with his killer smile. Ninja is the rock of the whole friends-trio, innocent and subtle all along. However, it is Ranjit Bawa's superb comic timing and almost impeccable switch from rib-tickling punches to emotional scenes that comes as a fresh air. 

The three girls, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Aarushi Sharma and Muskaan Sethi,  are sheer 'Beauty' to say the least. Effervescent, chirpy and dramatic at all the right places, they play the pivotal twists in the otherwise tried-and-tested tale. The film marks Muskaan Sethi's debut in Punjabi cinema and we can say, the girl has potential to shine. Navneet Kaur Dhillon is our favorite from the lot and for all the right reasons, too. She has a refreshingly breezy screen presence. 

Pankaj Batra has directed the film and his expertise needs no certification from us. However, we do find the film a bit rushed at places. Stories unfold and speed up to completion. This may seem a bit downer for some. But the colours and whole photography of 'High End Yaariyaan' is the soul of the film. It is bright and vibrant and lights up the screen from start till end. 

Amidst all these talented names, one name that has all our praise is Gurnam Bhullar. Playing a cameo role, Bhullar joins the cast at almost the end of the film. But in that short span, he just nails his role to perfection. We had our doubts because this was his big-screen debut and you gotta be a bit intimidated. However, Gurnam has proved that he is here to stay and now we are looking forward to 'Guddiyan Patole' to see him in a full-fledged role. 

'High End Yaariyaan' is definitely our suggestion if you are looking to spend some relaxing and fun time this weekend. Go, buy the large bucket of popcorn and just fall in love with the yaariyaan of the three men on the screen!