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By Siddharth Singh . 29th October 2017 02:30pm


When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about? Can't make a judgment on this one, maybe the coming generation gets wiser and smarter than us. The way I have started tying my turban today, earlier my father used to tie it in a similar manner. The culture can anytime take a U-turn cannot guess it. What do weird food combinations you really enjoy? Jalebi with Roti. Like two chunks of roti and then one chunk of jalebi and repeat it till the end of the meal. Who is the messiest person you know? Why? Kulbir Jhinjer, he is the most unsorted person. He never follows a systemized manner. What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it? Well, it is opposite for me, I follow my heart first. Where ever the brain fights with my heart for something, I never do it. What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured? Many, like once during farming I was trying to connect a farming mechanism with muscle power rather than following the technical procedure and got my hand severely injured. What would be the worst “buy one get one free” sale of all time? In fact, I have bought one such "buy one get one free" offer. During my stay in the United Kingdom, I encountered a British man nearly 40 years of age. He was selling two LED TV for just 500 pounds whereas the actual cost of one was 1500 pounds. So me and my sister's mother-in-law we bought them for 500 pounds and when we connected those with electricity supply we came to know that the internal hardware of those sets was missing. The worst buy 1 get 1 offer I have ever bought. What would be the worst thing for the government to make illegal? Internet, I assume everyone will go crazy in a week. Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC and heating? Internet. Would you rather be infamous in history books or be forgotten after your death? In accordance to work front, even if I earn less for my morale valued songs and movies I am satisfied with it rather than selling my soul for the sake of money. This is what I prefer to be remembered for. What are you interested in that most people aren’t? Giving ethics, punctuality, and moral values the first preference. Do you think that children born today will have better or worse lives than their parents? I think this depends on their upbringing. The society is same from the first day whether the 80's, 60's, or the era of rajas and maharajas. Only the facilities have changed with the time. I'll say with great power comes great responsibility. Kids will always follow their parents. So it is not about better or worse it totally depends on their upbringing. What game have you spent the most hours playing? Hockey One of the funniest incident from the sets of Sardar Mohammad? A repeatedly funny incident was that the main protagonist in the film, Sardar Mohammad, I had to wear a Salwar-Kameez. Now the Salwar was at least 4 to 5 feet in breadth. 3 people of my size could have easily come in it at the same time. Such huge Salwars those were. What is so special about Sardar Mohammad that people should go and watch it? We all hear about the partition of 1947 when independent India and Pakistan were created. There have been films made on it. But when you will watch it from a single person's prespective only then you can understand about their happiness, sadness the tragedy they had to go through. It is near to real life and logic and also has a special message in end.

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