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By Now Test . 12th January 2018 01:30pm

Remember Mohalla Assi’s trailer which was released in 2015? Well, even if you don’t recall it anymore, it starred Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar, mouthing expletives and was pulled down by New Delhi Court due to the foul language. [caption id="attachment_27369" align="alignnone" width="696"] source[/caption] It has taken the filmmakers two long years to finally get CBFC’s approval for Mohalla Assi, with an obvious ‘A’ certificate. Wednesday afternoon came as a big respite for the makers and the cast of the film after Central Board of Film Certification allowed the release of the movie after giving it ‘Adults Only’ certificate. [caption id="attachment_27374" align="alignnone" width="696"] source[/caption] The release date of the film will now be locked by the producers and announced soon. In an official statement given by Crossword Entertainment, the production house said,

“After a prolonged legal battle, we have received a judgment favouring our argument and CBFC has now issued an A certification for the movie. Justice has been served .The movie, without any cuts, is all set to be released in theatres shortly.”
After the New Delhi Court issued a stay order on the film in 2015, the makers of Mohalla Assi submitted an application to the CBFC in March 2016, snowballing their problems. The revising committee at the Censor Board had refused to certify the film citing ‘it hurts the sentiments’ as the reason. The team, then, tried appealing their case to Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) which had suggested a total of 10 cuts in the movie. The modifications were affecting the film’s story and concept, so the makers filed a writ petition with the New Delhi Court which has allowed Mohalla Assi to release as it is. The Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar- starrer is based on author Kashi Nath Singh’s book ‘Kashi Ka Assi’. The film follows the events as they unfurled in 1990 and 1998 during Ram Janma Bhoomi movement and implementation of Mandal Commission in the country. Mohalla Assi is directed by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi and also stars famous Bhojpuri and Bollywood actor Ravi Kishan in a prominent role.